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Couples and Parties

There is a difference between how married people party in Brazil and in the US. In Brazil, there is still the old fashioned separation between the sexes. When married or dating people go to a party, the women sit on one side and talk children, recipes and nowadays beauty treatments. Men talk business, politics and cars. Of  course things are changing. Couples mingle and interact more, but there is still a distinct division of interests. I have found myself in these kind of parties always preferring to be with the men, since I found their conversation a lot more interesting, somehow “betraying” my fellow women.  In the United States though, some couples spend their time at a party separated and talking to different people. This poses some problems though.  Sometimes a man thinks a woman is single and starts talking to her with the obvious purpose of chatting her up, until the peeved husband comes along and plants himself next to his wife, forcing the surprised suitor to jump away. Long one on one conversations between a married man and another woman can also irritate his wife. Therefore, I think a middle ground is the best. To avoid sticky situations, couples should try to stay close to each other in parties, and talk together to both men and women.

Another American habit: in formal dinner parties, some people like to sit a husband and a wife apart. I always hated this “etiquette” formality. I do not want to be forced to chit chat with another man, I prefer to be seated next to my own husband! At my wedding, I seated couples next to each other. They were able to interact with other couples.  And thirdly, the habit of asking someone else’s wife to slow dance, it does not bode well in Brazil. Too much physical contact! These are little cultural differences that we Brazilians have to get used to while living here.


November 25, 2008 - Posted by | Difference between cultures, Society

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