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You’ve been lied to

This is one of the clearest websites to enlighten those whose grey cells allow them to start questioning religious dogmas. I know the guy and he is not only smart but very personable.

You are religious because you have been lied to by your parents, your teachers, your neighbors, your friends and by the media. I know it is very hard to admit that you were wrong. It is also hard to consider the possibility that god does not exist when you have heard-for decades- so many nice things about this “guy”. And not only that, you heard bad things about those who don’t believe in “him”: they are immoral, unstable, rowdy, amoral, evil, drug addicts, promiscuous, dangerous, wild and crazy.  

But if you use your logical, analitical and critical skills, you will see that what this website is saying makes A LOT of sense, and that it is OK, a privilege even, to be an atheist! A great sense of freedom will involve you, knowing that there is no figure in the sky watching your every move. How liberating! Make the most of life now, because this is all we got.

Hope you too will be able to see the light and get rid of years of brainwash and conditioning.


November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Atheism

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  1. This seems very oriented to hard core American Christians, which here in Brazil would be called “evangelicos” and I do agree they’re very brainwashed to believe everything the Bible says literaly. I also very much respect atheists point of view, but this “you’ve been lied to” doesn’t seam right for those, how should I say? non-hard-core-christians (I just made that up) who empirically and logically believe in an afterlife without ignoring science. Many people (in Brazil) are Christians who are more down to eath about things, who respect the Bible and the basic morals Jesus tried to teach us (love, forgiveness and compassion) but know that Darwin was right and that you can’t take everything that was written as absolute universal truths.

    I do believe in afterlife, and spirits, and Jesus… without taking every Christian doctrine so literal and I see that most Brazilians are like that. I believe in these things not because of what my mother tought me, but because of what we’ve experienced over time. And we’ve experienced and seen so many spiritual things. I can only hope science one day manages to explain it all.

    Anyway, so what if there are spirits watching me? I don’t feel less free than if there weren’t any spirits at all. It’s actually comforting to think that I have my angel and my grandparents looking after me.

    So my point is that there are many who can be moral and scientific AND religious at the same time. I don’t think one thing necessarily excludes the other and I don’t think that being religious necessarily means that you are ignorant, which is a pretty harsh statement.

    Comment by Rita | September 16, 2009 | Reply

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