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Hugh Hefner’s sad demise

I wrote about the “dumbing down of America” not too long ago. I mentioned the lack of good examples that comes out of pop culture and celebrity lifestyles. Even serious character flaws seen trivial.  Drinking until you fall, taking drugs, DUI’s and infidelity are every day occurrences that we simply don’t judge anymore.

One that comes to my mind is Hugh Hefner. Hefner enjoyed the culture of freedom of expression and experimentation that started in the 60’s. He made sexuality be less of a taboo. But the sexual freedom that emerged was not for all: it was just for men. Old farts could enjoy canoodling with young (and clueless) women. Women were objectified to the max and had to fit in Hefner’s standards of beauty: big breasts and a very slender frame with big hair.

We know that young women with a healthy self esteem and a sense of dignity (which good family values can give you) don’t follow these routes. Women with goals for themselves (studying, working on your profession, being responsible) also don’t take the “easy” way out of selling their bodies.  There are actors like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway who manage to work in the business and exude class and style. I cannot imagine the kind of psychological stress it is to know that everyone you know looked at your naked picture: your neighbor, your father, your uncle, your grandfather, your teacher, etc.

In those days he was younger and those women did not mind exposing themselves in exchange for a sum of money (with the risk of ruining their reputatation) or for future opportunities in modeling and acting. He used many women, but these women let themselves be used (ah, the naivete of youth…).  Now at 82, Hefner is a pathetic figure. Perez Hilton, the blogger, showed a picture of him “dating” two young 19 year old sisters. I guess Playboy corporation had to find even younger women and a racier situation (sisters sharing a man!) to bring out the “mythical lifestyle” Helfner has sold to the Joe Six-packs all over America.

I suspect the truth is much sadder. It looks like Hefner has deep issues. Emotional issues, mommy issues, latent homossexuality (according to one of his ex-“girlfriends”, Hefner is a dead fish in bed-go figure). But now he is a pitiful joke, trying to hang on to the end of an era, where internet porn makes him obsolete and old fashioned even.  At 82, there is no way he can endure the constant chatter of empty headed, frivolous and unintelligent women all day. He must crave talking to someone closer to his age, intellect, culture and energy levels. Viagra or no viagra, he walks like an old man and seems spaced out at times. it is time for him to retire from the public, maybe go back to his family or let someone else take over the failing empire.

Here is a poster from who said it all:

“Why does US pop culture and media accept this joker as “normal” with his crazy polygamous lifestyle?!? What’s so different from him and all the extreme religions (e.g. the Mormons or Muslims) who advocate multiple sex partners for men (but never for women)? He sends the wrong message to both men and women: women should aspire to look like bimbos, and men should aspire to treat them objects. I am far from being a conservative, but influential people like this make me wish that we strove for more morals and values for the benefit of everyone.”

October 10, 2008 - Posted by | Society

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