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Royal Families and the 21st. Century

Royal families are like religion: they survive because of habits and traditions.  If you really stop to think about them though, you will see how ludicrous the concept is in light of the times. Royal families subsist on taxpayers’ money. The Royals get millions a year to support their palaces and trips and all the entourage that surrounds them.

This system is based on tradition and only survives because, like religion, it appeals to the emotional side of people.  The Royals are people like you and I. The difference is that their ancestors were the richest/most powerful guys around and bought/stole/appropriated/developed a lot of land during feudalism. And as we all know, the rich likes to marry the rich, so a caste was formed since medieval times.

One cannot even criticize the monarchies as cruel systems, since the countries that adopt them are stable democracies or social democracies: England, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Spain.  In these countries, the royal family provides a source of pride and ritual; they are like celebrities, but with style, grace, pomp and circumstance. 

However, isn’t it time that the privilege bestowed to only one family ends? After all, this is the 21st. century! The populace knows this family is not superior by any means, was not blessed by any god and is just living the high life out of their tax money! They are paid actors, playing a part. Politicians can do the job of schmoozing and kissing.

Therefore, how about removing the Royals’ privileges and making them work and pay mortgages like everyone else? They are not special, they are not worth the cost. We have enough celebrities to fill gossip blogs and magazines as it is.


October 1, 2008 - Posted by | Society

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