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McCain’s ad about stem cell research

I was quite suprised when I heard on the radio yesterday McCain’s “approved by John McCain” ad supporting stem cell research. I work in the health field. For years I have been flabberghasted that the USA, a major scientific research country, does not allow stem cell research because of some extremely conservative religious groups. The ignorance on the subject is tremendous. During the last elections, the right wingers liked to spew the “why kill innocent babies to help old men” diatribe. What a total manipulation of facts. 

While I consider life starts at conception, that does not mean that life knows what’s going on or has any conscience! Any embryo is a bunch of cells.  There is a cut off when an embryo becomes a fetus and feels pain. Additionally, you are not saving the lives of old men, you are saving the lives of countless living children and adults who can benefit from the advances made in understanding, preventing and curing many diseases.

I  lost a brother at the age of 38 to Diabetes Type I (juvenile diabetes, insulin dependant). He could have been saved, since diabetes is one very destructive disease that can be curbed with stem cell research. Hence, this is a very sensitive subject for me and one I strongly believe in. Bush’s stance on STR was just one more notch of the appaling administration we have been submited to for the last 8 years.

Consequently, I was pleasantly surprised to hear McCain’s ad.  Is he again catering to all the white middle class folks who were going to vote for Hillary and are not religious fanatics? Is he taking a risk by alienating all the red state evangelicals? Why is he going against his VP’s stand on SCR, and furthermore, why on earth did he choose Sarah Palin if he does not share many views with her (including being against abortion in all instances)?


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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