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Racing widows with a reason

I was at the Summit Point raceway yesterday where my husband was participating in a racing competition.

Many men complain their wives do not support their hobbies. I decided to give it a chance. What a major disappointment!

There is nothing that is attractive to a woman in a place like this. Heat, a constant smell of fumes and burnt tires, horrible deafening noise of cars going fast and slutty looking women. Watching cars go by fast is as interesting as sitting by the DC Beltway watching the traffic go by…The food sold in these places is as crappy and unhealthy as it comes. There is little respite from the sun. I would say that hell is probably not too different from a racetrack..

It must only be interesting for the racer himself who is there to get his kicks.

Additionally, I saw 3 crashes happening. These guys were lucky not to get hurt, protection and all. What a senseless and stupid acitivity.

Even if you have a motorhome stocked with good food, this is just a very boring place to be.  I am sure there are racetracks in nice beach cities where the woman can do more fun things, but who wants to do these things alone all day? Racetracks should be next to a nice outlet (with unlimited spending credit cards, ha ha) or have a nice spa in them where the women could have massages and facials and talk to each other 🙂

Racing is probably the worst hobby a man in a committed relationship can have, since your husband will not be gone for a few hours, but for days-always on weekends. Your choice is to stay alone those days or go with him-and suffer. Why can’t racing events be more family friendly so the guys can bring their wives and kids? Why do they have to slutify these events with half naked girls? There is hardly any comfort or actitivities for wives and girlfriends to congregate while their husbands get their adrenaline fix.

It would be much more pleasant for women if they could interact and spend a leisurely day at the racetrack. What I see instead are married men alone while their wives are at home.  I can imagine how hard it is for them to be alone for many weekends at a time, especially if their husbands or boyfriends are addicted to the sport.

Again, this is not a hobby where your husband goes and plays tennis, golf or soccer with his friends and comes home after a few hours. This is a huge commitmment that many times sacrifices the partners.

Another unconfortable situation for wives and girlfriends of racers: at the final prize event, there are semi naked women handing the winners the prizes. For some stupid reason they are supposed to embrace and take a picture with the stripper lookalike.    If someone needed to be in a picture with him it should be me, who stood in the sun all day and who patiently waited for hours and hours 🙂

I hope one day he gets this out of his system. Or limits it to…once a year 🙂

If he feels like racing frequently, I will become one more racing widow. Racing widows, fishing widows and hunting widows…not much fun. Or who knows, I may want to go to Hedonism I on the weekends he is away….:)


August 22, 2008 - Posted by | Relationships


  1. sounds just as bad as that phony “wrestling” stuff. it can’t be That bad..

    Racing kinda stinks to watch though, cars flying by, burnt rubber… unless they pair it with other events.

    I’m used to going, watching 3 different types of races (trucks, enduro, junkers), then a demolition derby (sometimes they have school-bus demolition derbies), figure-8 racing, etc… some things make it interesting when its not just watching someone make left turns all day long.

    Comment by Pete | September 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. Agreed! And that is coming from a man!

    Comment by Grace Farrell | September 22, 2008 | Reply

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