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The “Stand by your man” nonsense

The recent scandals from cheating politicians has left every married woman in this country paranoid. Is my husband also going to cheat? Do all men cheat? Fortunately the answer is no, there are men who love their wives or who do not want to hurt them and have good judgement.

The women who get into these affairs are 50% partners in crime. They should know better, but they lack morals and values. They are often women with low self esteem who are angry about some aspect of their lives, so they want what belongs to someone else and won’t stop at anything to get that. As we live in an era of slut glorifying, where prostitutes and lose women are role models and even get their own reality show, these women probably think they are doing nothing wrong and are in reality having a great opportunity. Frankly, their reputation is soiled, the respect is gone.

Many articles have tried to explain why polticians cheat: a sense of entitlement that power gives you, an inflated ego, women hitting on you, too much time away from home, a lying lifestyle (politics involve lying, so many get adept at it).

Some articles have recently tried to explain why most of these politician’s wives stick to the marriage and even agree to pose in public while supporting their idiot husbands. Why on earth do they go through this? Why be so humiliated? Most of these women have enough money to go on with their lives with dignity. If they enjoy the power trip so much, the fountain dries up because their husband’s career is over. Even if it is for the noble cause of keeping the children and the family intact, how is it between them? Isn’t the intimacy broken forever? Isn’t the damage too big?

I never understood why Hillary stayed. An intelligent, highly educated and self sufficient woman. She could have made senator by herself. I do not understand why Silda Spritzer stayed. I can understand why Larry Craig’s wife stayed (older, unnatractive, in denial).

If I were told to stand by my husband at a press conference, I would probably take the mike and say loud and clear what a jackass he is and then walk out, with my head held up high…

Standing by your man means supporting him through a job loss, through illness, through life’s ups and downs, but NOT by putting up with such betrayal.  And please, there is no better or worse cheating, whether it is a one night stand or an affair, it will cause a lot of pain.

I know one woman who had the courage to leave a cheating husband. She was married to a foreign ambassador in DC. She opted to greatly reduce her lifestyle, be alone, find a job and support herself,  and she does not regret it for one second. I admire her courage.


August 12, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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