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The dumbing down of America

A lot of people have written about this. This one is especially funny although I can think of many more situations, stories and facts that illustrate this phenomenon. Check it out:

The dumbing down of an entire country is the result of different factors. The education problem is the most serious. Although free primary and secondary education are so great for our middle class pockets, in order for cities to attend to every student there has to be a standardization of curriculum and a leveling of demand. Which means teachers cannot reach too high for fear some students won’t follow the rest. This means very bright students waste time. Second, the need for teachers (not many people willing to work for those salaries) makes the requirements loser than they should be; therefore you have teachers who have very little understanding of the world outside their county….yes, I really meant to write county, not country )

The media is also a major problem. In order to attract viewers to compete against the Internet, television has gone above and beyond to create shows that cater to human emotions instead of human intelligence.

Unhealthy lifestyles and food not only makes children fatter but also dumber. Children are the future of a country, so there you go, thanks Kraft, Pepsi, Cheetos and fast food joints.

If you turn on the TV nowadays and your IQ is a just a little above average, it is hard not to feel disgusted. What happened to smart and well read teens and young adults? Why does America equate a book smart young person with a dork, geek and other unflattering names? Why is that every teenage girl depicted on reality shows is as shallow as a saucer and dumber than a doorknob? Who on earth cares about seeing the daily lives of people who have no business being famous, like Dina Lohan and the Kardashians? What are these people’s contributions to the world? The worse of them all: Paris Hilton. For years she has taught every girl in this country to be vain, shallow, stupid, a party girl, obsessed with her looks, to hit on every man, drink like a fish, to drink and drive, pose nude and be useless to society.  At least Britney Spears, another horrible example for young people, has some talent, however electronically fabricated it is.

I wonder when did intelligence cease to be a desirable trait in men and women…now it seems that only looks and money/fame count.

We have to witness celebrities making bad judgments in their personal lives, veritable train wrecks, and from a distance we have to watch and cannot do anything. I would love to say to these so-called “models”: “Honey, when you marry a rock singer with tons of tattoos all over his body don’t expect him to be a faithful family man”. Yes, he will soon be found in a club surrounded by other bimbos at two in the morning, but what did you expect? And Denise Richards, a pretty face does not happiness guarantee: do you really think your sex-addict husband would have changed his orientation for you? Do you think you are “different” from other woman? And why on Earth did you have a romance with your friend’s husband, even if it started after they split? Don’t you know your friends’ husbands are off limits?

And the new woman who Charlie Sheen married: do you think you will succeed in changing him with your love? Tough luck. And the woman who already is dating Peter Cook: honey, do you want such baggage?

It is amazing how many bimbo-like women out there desperate to hang out with any B List to D List celebrity no matter how twisted their lives are.

The number of celebrities getting DUI’s, in rehab, cheating on their spouses and irresponsibly getting married just for fun while at the same time being glorified, getting away with it and even becoming more famous must have some impact on the dumbing down of this country (and probably on the rest of the world which copies anything that comes from Hollywood).

Tabloids and gossip websites seem to be all people are reading nowadays.  It is known that in times of economic stress people turn to mindless forms of entertainment to distract from reality. The Hogan family distress and their troubles provide entertainment to millions instead of the concern and indignity it should provoke.  There is no question that young people whose minds and morals are being formed, and in the absence of parental guidance (parents are less involved with their children’s lives due to working long hours, divorce and wanting a “fun” life themselves-middle aged people living like teenagers) are more vulnerable to these bad examples of how to conduct your life.

The internet has helped expose another shocking fact: the number of quasi-illiterate people in this country. Few people can write the English language correctly. Hey, English is not my first language and I write it better than most Americans; what gives? I rarely even use spell check.  Bad spelling means someone does not read. What happened with young people reading books?

Just go to any message board (especially AOL, are all the low IQ people on AOL??) and see how many dumb, angry and misinformed people there are out there. I feel like crying when I read those posts. I sigh in relief when I can find someone who can put 3 well spelled and coherent sentences together.

We have a lot more information at out fingertips with the advent of the internet, but somehow we all managed to get dumb and dumber.


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