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American Homophobia towards Speedos

One sign of homophobia in America is in men’s clothing options. While certainly America is not the most homophobic country (think Middle East and countries where homosexuality is considered a crime!), there are little red flags here and there.  

I never took to the grunge look that started around 1990. I also dislike the rap scene style of baggy pants and shirts 3 times the guy’s size.  How would men react if women started dressing in big baggy pants and t-shirts which would hide their shape?

The low crotch baggy pants make young guys look bad. Sloppy, out of shape. Sorry guys, women also want to see if you have a nice butt :).  Now, I am not advocating the return of the skintight pants of the 70’s (ouch!) but fitted pants make a man look  better dressed and elegant. European men know exactly what to wear (Brazilians too!). Just go to any European capital and you will know what I am talking about. Some young Hollywood singers and actors (think Zac Efron) have started to bring the fitted look back.

As for speedos….I am a huge speedo lover. The way Americans blast speedos, especially the new generation who did not live the 70’s and the 80’s, is amusing. They equate speedos and fitted pants (again, not tight pants!) to being gay. Hello, then the entire male population of Brazil and Europe would be gay! And what’s wrong with being gay anyway?

Speedos make for better comfort, better tanning and better swimming. I cringe when I see these poor fellas at the beach in America with those large floppy shorts below their knees….it’s like swimming with your clothes on! If you want to wear shorts, at least wear some shorter shorts to swim and lie on the beach! I also feel sorry for toddlers dressed with long shorts at the beach or the swimming pool, because their mothers bought into the anti-speedo wave.

One of the arguments I hear about Speedos is that people don’t want to see old and fat men wearing them. But so what that if older men have bellies and speedos will show them off? We will see the bellies anyway with the big shorts! Additionally, it’s practically impossible to look wonderful wearing any swimsuit over the ages of 40 or 50, whether you are a man or a woman.  Very few people manage that, except the dietaholics and the gymaholics.

So I am for a speedo comeback. I especially like the ones that are square looking, more like briefs. See Daniel Craig’s pic above. And stay away from anything resembling a g-string, they do not flatter men or women alike.

When I was in Rio last December, it was nice seeing men comfortably wearing their speedos everywhere.  In no way I feel offended by the shape of men’s genitals; I know they have balls, so what? We are not offended by the zillions of (enhanced) breasts we see popping out of their tiny triangles in swimming pools and beaches either….

Are men who are too vehemently against speedos scared of being seen as gay, or do they fear that they will be attracted to other men in speedos? Or are they just insecure about their bodies?

I did like the fact the SATC movie showed a man’s penis briefly.  It’s time for homophobia to leave movies and TV as well. What’s so horrible about showing a man’s penis in a movie with a sex scene? We see women’s nude frontals and naked breasts all the time.  Are men in America that scared that they will feel attracted to other men?

May the new generation of American men start the Speedo Revolution! 🙂


June 27, 2008 - Posted by | Difference between cultures, Fashion, Society


  1. Two years ago, I went to Nice, France. On its beaches were men and women who wore different kinds of bathing suits. No one seemed to notice or care.

    You do have a good point about fat men with bellies in speedos or big shorts. Their bellies will still show.

    Depending on where I am, I like wearing the square legged cut because it is sleak, stylish, and not too revealing. I may suggest this style to American men at first.

    Let’s me blame Michael Jordan for the baggy shorts fad. He’s retired; let’s retire his shorts.

    Comment by Robert | June 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Good on you Robert!! Maybe speedos (not male g-strings or “Borat” suits please, but decently cut speedos) will make a comeback thanks to us 🙂
    I now officially launch the U.S. Speedo Revolution!

    Comment by Grace Farrell | July 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Waterslides: the sleeker the suits, the faster the ride.

    France: shorts “interdit” at most public pools. C’est vrai.

    More on waterslides: a male g-string is something a man wears at the end of a fast waterslide ride. The g-string is also known as a wedgie. It can easily be re-adjusted back to a regular suit–hopefully when in the water.

    Comment by Robert | July 19, 2008 | Reply

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to discover and read your article about what I call speedo-phobia in America. Speedo-phobia is homophobic, but more generally it is misandrist because even homophobia is directed against males a lot more than it is against females.

    Yours is one of the very few positive opinions about men wearing speedos I’ve read anywhere on the internet. Though I’m glad to have read the piece, but I am not optimistic about the situation here the US now or in the distant future.

    I’ve also observed that the driving force behind speedo-phobia comes from females and then embraced by men. Women claim vehemently and repeatedly that speedos on men are “gay,” not manly, disgusting, and that a man who wears one has to be a narcissist and exhibitionistic. Since men apparently live for the approval and acceptance of women we don’t want to wear something they despise. Women repeatedly state how unattractive men’s bodies are and that men should cover up.

    As you’ve noted twenty or thirty years ago men didn’t have this aversion to wearing brief swimsuits. This is also true with bicycle shorts and other clothing styles. Bike shorts were mostly worn by men but is now seen as exclusively women’s clothing except for a few athletes.

    Comment by Speedracer | August 3, 2008 | Reply

  5. This article on ‘Speedophobia’ from last year by Mark Simpson, the guy who coined ‘metrosexual’ gives a history and analysis of what he calls America’s ‘phalliban’:

    Comment by stimpycat | August 20, 2008 | Reply

  6. I appreciate hearing a woman’s viewpoint similar to mine. There does appear to be double standard. The U.S. generally accepts women wearing swimsuits next to their skin — their genitals, but if a man does the same it is considered gay, indecent, etc. What is the aversion to the male body? Women’s swimsuits are generally particle for swimming. I like to wear speedos because they keep be warmer than trunks because trunks take much longer to dry. I also like to wear speedos because they do not chafe my skin and drag water and air like trunks. I would like women who say that men should never wear speedos wear trunks to swim it. Why the double standard?

    Comment by krp5 | September 3, 2008 | Reply

  7. Great comments from all. I have to add that I suspect young boys are taught to see speedos as something “ridiculous, obscene and gay”. I can imagine a 15 year old boy’s mom telling him to wear the long shorts on the beach, while turning a blind eye to her daughter’s tiny bikini.

    I spent a week at Bethany Beach, Delaware, last month. A very family oriented beach where even women over 30 wear conservative two or one piece suits. I watched little boys, aged 2, wearing long shorts almost to their ankles. I felt sorry for them. Not comfortable! The young mothers probably thought they were doing the right thing. A 2 year old toddler? Please!

    Anyway, the way to change this to to change the mentality. All of you who wrote to me need to start wearing your speedos. Don’t mind the looks. You cannot be arrested. And if an actor or two starts bringing them back who knows, it may become more acceptable (again). After all, we must have progressed since the 70’s, right?

    Comment by Grace Farrell | September 3, 2008 | Reply

    • To Grace F. You think we must have progressed since the 70’s? I don’t think we have, I think we have gone backwards.. The 70’s was a bit more free.. I’m afraid things turned around during the 1980’s with the conservative party of Ronald Reagan reign and has not stopped ever since..!!

      Comment by Chris | October 17, 2011 | Reply

  8. I find the whole Speedo bashing situation as huge double standard. I wear a Speedo to the beach. I am 38 years old and I am not gay. I take excellent care of my body. I am not hairy and of normal body weight. I think their is a huge problem with Homophobia in this country. The one comment that men wear Bikinis, speedos, swim briefs in Brazil or Europe is very accurate. Just because you wear a bikini does not mean your gay. I am amazed at how the word “Speedo “is acceptable here in this country. The term Bikini is correct. For some strange reason America likes to call them “Speedos” which is ok. People should be feel comfortable to wear what ever they want as long as it’s legal.

    Comment by Antony | March 19, 2009 | Reply

    • Well then, if you don’t want to see men in speedos just cover your eyes or don’t go to the beach… fool!!

      Comment by Chris | October 17, 2011 | Reply

  9. well, i disagree. i don’t want to see str8 men in speedos. gross!

    i say leave the speedos to the fit hot gay boys!
    i don’t need to see hairy nasty str8 guys in speedos. no thank you!

    the US has it right.

    Comment by lostalex | June 8, 2009 | Reply

    • ” well, i disagree. i don’t want to see str8 men in speedos. gross!

      i say leave the speedos to the fit hot gay boys!
      i don’t need to see hairy nasty str8 guys in speedos. no thank you!

      the US has it right.”

      America is supposed to be free – so give me a break. In this regard, Brazil and Europe are much more liberal than backwards intolerant America. My response would be that I wouldn’t want to see a fat unattractive woman in a bikini either. Notwithstanding, if one doesn’t like what the person is wearing, they can look away.

      BTW, as an American, I began wearing bikini-style swimsuits by accident in Europe, as that was all they were selling in the 1980s. I think guys with white legs from the knees up to their waistline look like freaks. So, no, the Europeans and Brazilians got it right!

      Comment by DJ | August 17, 2009 | Reply


    Comment by PAUL-DAVID PHY | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  11. Hi, I’m Frank…I live in Mexico City.

    Studying for my English classes.
    I found it interesting that in the U.S. is frowned upon wear Speedos.

    I love swimming and I practice at the competition, is a requirement in my country use this type of clothing.

    And that Mexico is very conservative.

    Que Pena. For the Spring Breakers something used only …:) Saludos Shorts

    Comment by thefranzforce | October 25, 2009 | Reply

  12. I’m a 13 year old and I want speedo back I’m like they are so comfortable but I live in california and EVERYBODY wears Shorts wich are so so uncomfortable I mean I need to fake I like going to swimming classes only because I like the feel the comfort of a let say it BIKINI

    Comment by Eduardo | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  13. Hai,

    we want to buy speedo costumes of U Cut for 11 yrs girl for swimming competation.

    Hence we kindly request you to give the catalog / broucher for the same. So that we will be enable to purchase with you.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Bhanu Kumar.

    Comment by Bhanu Kumar | April 4, 2010 | Reply

  14. In Brazil, this is how we do it: Young people prefer surf bermudas, however, u where what makes u look good (or less grotesque, if u like) Men have balls, women have boobs, and u just have to avoid looking ridiculous.

    Comment by Verlow | May 31, 2010 | Reply

  15. I agree with most people on this site…I live in LA, California. Grew up in the 80’s back East. I am a 33yr old bodybuilder who likes comfort, an even tan, etc. I have been abroad for many years (Europe, Asia, L.America, etc.) and ONLY in the US…even at Venice, Muscle Beach California of all places (and Southbeach Miami FL, the ONLY 2 beaches left in the US where a straight man can get away with wearing a speedo), there are the baggy-clothed, ankle shorts-wearing, big T-shirt-wearing fat homophobes who make comments (out loud of under their hater breath) to our crew of several bodybuilders together who could smash these haters if we wanted to (would be funny for them to get their butt kicked by “gay” men LOL!). We aren’t steriod freaks, we look asthetic like 70’s bodybuilders and want to revive that era’s look! Love to the speedo, not the haters. Even if the fat or hairy guys wore them, they are comfortable…Nothing to do with ego.

    Comment by CaliforniaBodybuilder | July 20, 2010 | Reply

  16. California, your comment about the fat guys making fun of you made me laugh.

    I have a little story: we have this Brazilian friend from Rio who is over the age of 60. He is slim and fit, and not gay. We once were out on our boat and we stopped at the Washington DC waterfront. He left the boat to help us anchor. People started whistling and heckling him, but he did not care a bit. He actually had fun showing off his electric green little speedo!

    Comment by Brasilmagic | July 20, 2010 | Reply

  17. USA is fatest nation on the world…true reason to promote speedo-phobia

    Comment by Janis | July 22, 2010 | Reply

  18. I wish more men and women would share your view on speedos. I started wearing them years ago and occasionally wear them to the beach. During a recent trip to Cancun, I wore my speedo on the beach, got drinks, walked the shoreline…it was fantastic because I was free to wear what I wanted to wear. Now when I go to conservative beaches in the Northeast, I don’t always feel comfortable taking of my shorts and just going speedo. It actually ruins my whole day at the beach! My wife mostly supports my decision to wear speedos, but finds them inappropriate where children and family are present. I’m approaching 40 and I need to get my speedo fix before I become a wrinkly old man. I

    Comment by Iceman | August 11, 2010 | Reply

    • I swim at a university which also holds swim classes for children, adults, etc. There are three separate pools in one natatorium. During those swim classes, you have water polo players jumping in and out of the pool right next to the instructional pool. Those guys who aren’t swimming are walking on the edge of the pool as their teammates play. They are in their speedos some are in great shape some may be a little chunky. The kids walk right past them (i.e. the waterpolo players in their speedos) like they are not even there. I have never seen one child (girl or boy) seem frightened or scared of any of the men in their speedos. Kids are not offended or scared by men in speedos, whatsoever, so why would a married (or unmarried for that fact) woman be offended by a man’s body too, especially when all the private parts are covered??? Kids don’t have hangups about seeing men’s bare legs, chests, whatever. It is the sexually suppressed, homophobic adults who seem to have issues with this and it is them who pass their hangups and prejudices on to the children. Speedos are a great swimming uniform which allows you to swim without any distraction or discomfort. Let’s continue to bring it back!

      Comment by K.T. | July 6, 2014 | Reply

  19. this is a great article, i totally agree with the double standard, i am in my late 40s and will wear a speedo to the ocean beach, but not to the prudish lakes in the northeast

    Comment by jeff | September 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Jeff. Just like I’m entitled to wear a bikini in my late 40’s, so are you when it comes to speedos! And while we are at it, guys, the low hung extra baggy pants need to go!

      Comment by Brasilmagic | September 3, 2010 | Reply

  20. I am 48 and in great shape. I like wearing a small bikini to the beach. I wear a low-rise half back when at a place like Miami. If at a pool at the hotel I wear 3/4 back. It’s a great feeling to be almost nude outside. It’s liberating. My wife likes me in a small bikini. I live in Ohio. I don’t bother going to a beach or pool in Ohio since all the homophobes will stare and call me gay. I agree with the person who says women are the driving force behind speedo phobia. Why do so many women find men’s bodies disgusting? And why if they see a man in a revealing swim suit do they automatically think gay? It’s strange. Do women who find a mans body disgusting or think a semi nude man is automatically gay really have any business calling other people gay? It’s seems to me that being revolted by and not wanting to see the opposite sex’s body could be considered kind of gay. And what about a nude beach??? Are the nude men at a nude beach also gay? LOL

    Comment by Steve | October 8, 2010 | Reply

  21. Well, everyone is entitled to express their own opinion and thoughts. My opinion is that people who ridicule swim briefs are just plain closed minded and immature. To say they are “gross” is just gross to hear that! Growing up in the 80’s, swim briefs were acceptable. I think swim briefs are less popular now due to the “hip-hop” and “baggy” fashion influence.

    I think adequate swim briefs for men have their place and time. I’m a 6’0, 31, athletic muscular straight male from Southern California and wear square-cut boxer shorts at pools and board shorts at the beach. My GF loves how my square-cuts fit! I feel more masculine, sexy, and attractive. I think these type of swimwear looks better in people in good shape.

    I also have a swim brief that I wear for “play” only in private with my GF. She loves how they fit and she encourages me to wear them at the pool! I don’t think I would want to do that due to the “hostile speedophobia” society we live in!. Swim briefs in other parts of the world are ok, but the USA is so up-tight for that. It does not make sense! Women can wear next to nothing, but men are not allowed to wear anything less than board shorts. How ridiculous! The USA has become a super macho hypocritical double standard society. It’s very sad. No wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t like us…go figure!!!

    To stereotype swim briefs as homosexual is so stupid and ridiculous. I say to men who have the body and feel good in swim briefs, go for it! If women can nearly show their entire body nude in a tiny bikini, then men should be allowed to wear swim briefs! Don’t mind those immature people who don’t like it. If they don’t like it, too bad! Tell them to look or go somewhere else! The USA is a free nation, so wear whatever you like as long as it’s adequate.


    Comment by Adrian | October 13, 2010 | Reply

  22. Man wearing speedo might not be a gay, but he has a tendency to be a gay.

    Comment by White | November 27, 2010 | Reply

    • I couldn’t disagree more wholeheartedly with your opinion. Have you been to Brazil, where very virile men wear speedos (and love women)?

      Comment by Brasilmagic | November 27, 2010 | Reply

  23. man, i would have to say that i agree 110% with this article. the double standard in north america (its not just in the USA that people have speedophobia. its live and well up here in Canada as well) is just absurd !! i’m 25 years old, and i think my age group was the last to openly wear speedos at the beach when we were younger. i know i made the switch to shorts for swimming because of the teasing from the other kids around me when i was a young teenager, but i have always preferred the speedo to swimming shorts. its just more practical. and having been a competitive swimmer for 14+ years (retired for the last two) i don’t see anything wrong with males wearing speedos, as long as they are properly fitted. i know i for one, am making the change back to speedos from swim shorts, screw what the haters think.

    besides, i’m not in bad shape (BMI is in the range of the healthy readings at 15%) i take care of my body, and groom areas that should be groomed so why can’t i wear a speedo right ? i have seen girls wearing bikinis that hardly even cover their nipples, and are so tight around their crotch you can see if they shave everything or not, etc.

    besides, don’t we all learn from grade 6 on (some of us learned this earlier than others =P) that males have a penis and two testicles, while females have two breasts and a vagina ? we already know everyone has these things people, so why the heck are we always so shocked or disgusted when we see that someone has normal human anatomy ? and with regards to the comment above about america having it right… i think you could not be more wrong. it is quite obvious that everywhere BUT here has it right.

    Comment by Justin | March 9, 2011 | Reply

  24. While my husband was in Rio with me I begged him to wear some speedos (the big square ones). I even bought him one but he made me return it. And he was in great shape at the time. I hated the big shorts he was wearing to go to the beach. But one battle I won: I could convince him that it is normal to be without a shirt and walk around the house, or even to walk on the street. He wasn’t convinced for the first few days, but I think seeing all my cousins arriving in my house without a shirt, and all other guys on the street, he was finally knocked out by the heat and gave up his shirt.

    Comment by Vicky | April 17, 2011 | Reply

  25. I am 27 and started swimming and diving competively before I was a teenager.I always wore my speedo until someone told me they were a gay thing.I started wearing board shorts,when not competing,but got over that real soon,They just did not feel right and dragged me down when in the pool or at the beach.I took up surfing in college and even wear one when I do.I get some teasing about it ,but I do not care anymore.
    If you don’t want to wear one just do not,but let the MEN who prefer them,gay or straight make their own choice.

    Comment by Joe P | April 30, 2011 | Reply

  26. If that’s what it’s all about then womenin today’s society need to cover-up even more,there is female discrimation whenmen want and need so where speedo’s,I just think there jeleious and that masybe they will make other male contacts,American females,they already have made though’s contacts,men for years have checked each other out it doesn’t mea they are gay

    Comment by thomas james parker | December 21, 2011 | Reply

  27. You need to end up being accredited to function as being a lifeguard in many areas and the very good news is that you simply only have to 20 years old to begin the task.swim googles

    Comment by ASilah Hazwanie | January 16, 2012 | Reply

  28. I’m a str8 male 63, have lived in UK, US and Peru and have always worn speedos for swimming (pool & beach), fast dry and comfort whever I am. Used to be in great shape but things are starting to sag now, but heck, who cares – you only live once. Just brush off the remarks and wear what you want – I just don’t pay a blind bit of notice. I simply can’t understand why people are so pre-occupied with it all.

    Comment by Dave | February 14, 2012 | Reply

  29. This article is right on.

    The homophobia movement has in fact taken over american societie’s views about men’s athletic wear.

    I often refer to long shorts as the “Male Buqua” or “Leg Veils” reminiscent of the Mid East. Today’s men’s long & baggy swimming “shorts” (and athletic wear) look nothing less than plain AWFUL.

    I say to hell with the homophobes, puritans, and prudes -Bring back the pre-90s look ASAP!!!

    Comment by California Swimmer | February 22, 2012 | Reply

    • Agreed, stamped and approved 🙂

      Comment by Brasilmagic | February 22, 2012 | Reply

  30. I love your posts and agree with all your ideas! I am with you in the speedo revolution. I wear square cuts to the beach ALL THE TIME. Sometimes people laugh when I walk by but I don’t care I am young and everything is in its place in my body so I have no shame WHATSOEVER about my male parts hahaha. I live in Surfside, Florida right on the beach and there are a lot of Europeans here and some wear speedos but sometimes we get spring breakers come in and they stare and make ugly gestures. I usually just give them the finger or tell them to go back to church. This is the beach PLEASE…

    Comment by Ivan Rodriguez Fierro | February 27, 2012 | Reply

    • Exactly! Good answer, go back to church…lol

      Comment by Brasilmagic | February 27, 2012 | Reply

  31. Great Post!

    Well, in Europe are mostly the french & the italian who wear speedos… Germans, Swiss don’t wear it (which is sad…)!
    I’ve been to Rio too, and the beach was quite an eyecandy for me!
    I remember going to a friends church activity while being in the USA… and guess what?
    All the girls wore a swimsuit and of TOP a TSHIRT! Me with my bikini stood there in shock as they asked me to wear one too… the guys also wore one… That was kind of a weird scene…

    Comment by Nefertari | March 7, 2012 | Reply

    • Im a 23 yr old straight, married man. I was raised in the 90s when the huge beach shorts became the big fad(still are). I was raised to believe speedo briefs were innapropriat. Recently, as a joke I purchased a pair of speedos off ebay. To my surprise I found them extremley comfortable and show off my years of hard work in the gym. Fyi I am 6ft tall 174lbs and I weight train 5days a week. In the privacy of my yard I now wear my speedo briefs to tan with my wife. I wish speedos would make a comeback in the US because I would love to be able to wear them on my local beach without hearing snyde comments or being accused of being gay. I work hard to look my best, so why should I be ashamed to show it?

      Comment by beach bum | May 8, 2012 | Reply

  32. The simple truth is that male sexuality is under attack in America. We circumcise our sons and when they grow up, we tell them that their private parts is disgusting and have to be hidden from view.

    Comment by KL | June 3, 2012 | Reply

  33. I am an Aussie guy who grew up in the 70s and 80s and speedo was what we did. Unfortunately Australia often follows American trends and now speedos are fairly rare amongst young blokes. I think the reality is that homophobia in the US has become much stronger since gays have become more accepted. As most young gays tend to look after themselves (yes a generalisation) they tend to be more confident in wearing a bit less. The rise in obesity in US and Australia has meant fatter young blokes trying to hide more. Thus, the market caters for these ‘fatter’ types to make them feel comfortable and because there are more and more- the new norm is established. Easier to make fun of a well built young bloke in speedos than most of your fat mates in long board shorts that chafe when wet on hot days. Asia and Europe have it right, but they too are being influenced by US fashion. BTW I am a straight married guy of nearly 50 who is not overweight and still looks ok – much better than fat slobs in long boardies or fat women in muffin top bikinis. But I do defend their right to wear these because it is hopefully (to a degree) a free world.
    Your article is a very powerful one that has met with a generally very positive response.

    Comment by Ozziboy | June 30, 2012 | Reply

  34. Men look great in square cut trunks about mid-thigh. They don’t even have to be skin-tight, but almost anything looks better than board shorts or knee-lengths. Take look at old pics of NBA teams in their shortie suits–they looked great compared to the laughable baggies basketballers wear now.

    Comment by allen schroeder (@altheschrod) | May 9, 2013 | Reply

  35. Nevermind men and Speedos. Why do American women have to wear skimpy swimsuit bottoms that look like underpants on top of having to shave their pubic hair so no one dies of shock from looking at a few strands of it and then put on a bra top to cover their breasts and nipples as if men don’t have breasts and nipples. In fact, why do we wear bathing suits at all? What really would be the big deal about swimming naked?

    Comment by Jamjar | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  36. I have been wearing speedos for 43 years. Had 7 bad comments and over 200 positive remarks. American men are too fat to show there bodies. More men are wearing tee shirts to the beach to hide there bellies. Wearing an article of clothing does not make anyone gay. If men had to wear speedos they would be in better shape. Wearing speedos are great motivation for keeping in shape. The better the shape, the smaller the speedo! If women do not like men’s junk, why would any man be interested in them. Getting married will not change women’s attitudes. Wearing speedos motivates me to work out and walk the beach in my speedo. Speedos are easy to pack, you can wear them under your shorts for quick removal, can be carried in your pocket for later use, are comfortable, dry quickly, sleek to swim in, do not trap air in suit, keep everything in place unlike board shorts, make you feel sexy, gives a great tan, gives you confidence, shows off abs, legs and butt, get great comments from appreciative women.

    Comment by Steve | March 21, 2014 | Reply

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