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Why women love Sex and the City

It’s as hard to find a woman who does not like SATC as it is to find a man who does not like a good car chase movie.  After all, our parents put dolls in our arms since we were young. We tried to do things with their hair and we dress and undress them. Our dolls talk to each other and interract.  So men are asking themselves why we are all so excited with this movie, after watching rerun after rerun of all the episodes?

For grown up women, the idea of having a few really good girlfriends who will stand up for you and who are not competitive or envious is very cozy. Men are not so nice anymore. We hear too many horror stories of relationships and marriages gone bad. We hear too many jerk stories. The geographical distance between us and our parents makes it difficult for them to participate in our lives.  Our generation has less siblings, and they too often live away. So our GFs offer us a safety net.

On an non emotional level, women like shopping. A few don’t, but let’s just say that most discount stores and shoe departments of famous chains are loaded with women, not men. Women scavenging, women picking, just like our ancestors picking the ripest fruits. The SATC series and movie is a feast for our shopping eyes. The four women are not young but they look gorgeous, sending every frumpy middle aged housewife in the country a glimpse of glamour. They are always impeccable and look like models. They have easy jobs with abundant money. They have their pick of men. They are empowered and do not take shizz from anyone. What’s not to like in this adult fantasy?

Written by a middle aged sopshisticated New Yorker (Candace Bushnell), SATC has it all. Every woman can identify with one of the foursome. Some are more Carries (I am :)), some are more Mirandas, some are Charlottes and a few see themselves unabashedly as Samanthas, or hope they could be a bit like her.

SATC also subverts the historic male advantage on the mating game. In this case, it is Samantha who plays the dirty old woman eyeing much younger men without feeling bad about it. The male body becomes an object of desire. At the same time, the need for romance is filled with the endless rollercoaster love story of Mr. Big and Carrie and the idyllic marriage that Charlotte has. All in all, SATC hits all women’s secret desires and need for security, fantasy and adventure. 

 And men can profit from watching the movie as well as the series to get a real peek into women’s brains. My alpha male husband did-and survived 3 hours of the movie without falling asleep-bravo Darren Star, you did create a success!


June 2, 2008 - Posted by | Relationships

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