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Hillary was the best candidate

As in any race, losing by such a small margin makes it more difficult to accept defeat. I have often been disappointed by American voters. The large number of conservative, religious, uncultured and unworldly Americans make it difficult to vote in a candidate who is at the same time progressive and competent. Side issues usually take precedence (like gay marriage 4 years ago) and destroy the best candidates’ chances. Hillary was in my humble opinion the best prepared and competent candidate. See how she does not hesitate when she speaks; her high intelligence is obvious, her knowledge about every issue thrown at her evident. She also has other characteristics that could make her one of the greatest presidents this country ever had: emotional intelligence. Strong character. Strong will. Persistence. Resilience. Yes, McCain also demonstrated that during the torture he was submitted to, but most human beings, when faced with pshysical torture, fight to survive. It is a natural amima; instinct. Obama obviously has strentgh as a man who did not come from a wealthy family and made his way to the top. But Hillary has that special strength and savviness that comes from a woman who is able to smile when the going  gets tough and at the same time be nurturing. Like Mamie Roosevelt, who could have been a great president herself, Hillary is as wel rounded as they come. Having an experienced veteran of of the White House as her closest advisor would not have hurt. Therefore, I am once more disappointed with the way Americans vote. I will vote for Obama if he finally gets the nomination because I am more tuned to the democratic party phylosophy, but I am not voting with 100% conviction. I too, was bothered by his association with a radical minister. Maybe he was using that church as a social club to feel accepted, but still. Soon, I am slapping a Obama sticker in my car. I am forced to. Anyhow, who knows, he may be able to make some of the changes he is promising (I have yet to understand what are they…). He does talk about an universal health system, and I wish him luck on that one, since something needs to be done in this arena.

It is time for Democrats to win. I hope some of the damage of the last 8 years can be undone. I hope we can create new solutions for the oil crisis. Invest in alternative fuels. I hope we can create some form of universal health care for the disadvantaged. I hope we can take care of the illegal immigrants that are already here and working their butts off. I hope we will be able to create more jobs and fortify our industrial park and make our products more competitive internationally.  I hope we can attract good people to be teachers. I hope we can only invade countries to help them when they are calling for help-or when there is a natural disaster. i hope our Intelligence works well to prevent and fight potential terrorists.

Hillary, you won’t be too old in 4 years honey. Your time may still come. And mark my words: the 2028 candidate may well be……….Chelsea Clinton!


May 20, 2008 - Posted by | Politics

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