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Oregon has 28% of non-religious

Congrats Oregon! A progressive state. This was the result of a phone poll conducted by CNN during the Oregon and Kentucky primaries. Unfortuntely, Kentucky has only 6% of non-religious. Washington State and Oregon show there are people with critical thinking skills in this country 🙂


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What is going on with men?

What is going on with men?

Joy Behar asks that question every night on her HLN talk show. I asked two male friend this question. One answer I got, which did not satisfy me,  was that “we women” tempt them with our low cut tops…seems very lame to me.

Anyhow, we have all been watching scandal after scandal on the news about men cheating, men predators, men pedophiles and men risking their marriages and careers for a piece of you know what.

I just read yesterday that one more megachurch leader was caught trying to seduce a 13 year old girl. Which makes me shocked, as if we can still be shocked. It seems that church leaders have huge egos and a big need for approval, and therefore have this feeling they are above the law and can get away with things. Maybe men who have need for power over others have a bigger sex drive? Or is it because they have more opportunities and access to younger women?

If I see a 18 year old boy who is cute, I will find him cute and it stops at that. I have no desire to bed him.  So even with all the sociobiological explanations about the differences in men and women’s brains, I cannot understand why a grown up man can be so eager to have sex with girls their daughters’ age. And since I did not have an absentee father, I do not feel mesmerized by a much older man either.

Sex with prostitutes, sex with other men while they are married, sex with much younger women, sex with their secretaries or workmates, we read about it all the time. Most interesting, it is men in power who seem to be motivated to take these risks. Athletes, CEO’s, politicians and celebrities. Where money and power are involved, men feel it is ok to get off on their wildest fantasies, no matter what.

I cannot forget to add that with these Christian types, they are already lying to hundreds of gullible followers about the existence with a fantastic buddy in the sky and a connection with a man who in case he really did exist, must have done so more than 2000 years ago. So I guess cheating on their wives is not that big of a lie

These good articles try to explain the phenomenon:

 6 Reasons Why Eliot Spitzer and Other Politicians Cheat on their Wives

The Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal has everyone asking why politicians cheat on their wives. Infidelity expert Ruth Houston gives 6 reasons why.

When a cheating politician like Eliot Spitzer makes the headlines, everyone asks: Why would a successful politician like Spitzer jeopardize his marriage and his career by cheating on his wife?It’s a question infidelity expert Ruth Houston has been asked dozens of times in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal.

Houston, the founder of and the author of Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale SignsPoliticians cheat on their wives or have extramarital affairs for a variety of reasons. The reasons are almost as varied as the cheating politicians themselves. Below, infidelity expert Ruth Houston gives six of the most common reasons why politicians, public figures, and other prominent, or rich and powerful men cheat on their wives.

is frequently called on by the media to comment on infidelity issues in the news.

1. A Sense of Entitlement

Politicians and public figures feel a certain sense of entitlement. They often feel that they can do whatever they want with impunity, and that includes having extramarital affairs. Since they consider themselves to be above the law, they feel they are exempt from the rules that apply to the rest of society.

2. The Thrill of the Chase


Many cheaters actually thrive on all the excitement associated with having an affair. They get the kind of adrenaline rush from cheating on their mates that they’d get from participating in skydiving or other high risk sports. Cheating politicians are no different. They get a charge from the subterfuge –all the sneaking, lying scheming and other covert activities involved in keeping an extramarital affair hidden from public view.


3. Ego-Embellishment


 Politicians and public figures also cheat for a variety of ego-embellishment reasons. Having an extramarital affair can bolster a cheating politician’s ego in two ways. It can boost a flagging ego, or it can feed the already inflated ego that many politicians have. They mentally congratulate themselves for being so clever, so cunning, so intellectually superior that they’ve outwitted everyone around them by hiding what they’re doing behind closed doors.

4. Infidelity as a Status Symbol


Many politicians and public figures view having a mistress or patronizing a high-priced call girl or prostitute as a status symbol of some kind. To many rich and powerful men, or other men in high places, the ability to afford a call girl of a certain caliber is the ultimate mark of success.

5. The Excitement of Engaging in the Forbidden

Just like ordinary men, sometimes cheating politicians engage in infidelity or extramarital affairs solely for the excitement of getting away with doing something that’s forbidden. They revel in the thought that they’re smart enough to elude detection by pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes.

6. The Knowledge that They Can Get Away With It

The main reason many politicians cheat on their wives and have extramarital affairs is because they are confident that they can get away with it. And countless numbers of them do. If they thought for one minute that they might get caught, most of them would never even take such a chance.

As a lawyer, Eliot Spitzer knew that what he was doing was against the law. He allegedly transferred funds to various places to hide the fact that he paid an elite prostitution ring for the services of a high-priced call girl. He arranged for this prostitute to commute from New York to Washington, D.C. and meet him in a hotel so he could cheat away from the sight of prying eyes. No one deliberately breaks several laws unless he’s certain he can do so without getting caught

What Can the Wife of a Cheating Politician Do?

Every politician’s wife should familiarize herself with the subtle signs of infidelity, because no matter how carefully a cheating politician tries to cover his tracks, there will ALWAYS be telltale signs. Since most of the signs of infidelity are subtle, knowing what to look for is the key. If the wife of every cheating politician owned an infidelity reference book like Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs, Lifestyle Publications, $29.95), more cheating politicians would get caught long before their extramarital affairs were publicly exposed.

This book could spare many politician’s wives a lot of heartbreak and humiliation because it covers practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs women usually overlook. The signs are conveniently grouped into 21 major categories, so any wife can easily find the signs of infidelity that apply to her marriage, her circumstances, or her mate. For a free report entitled Is Your Spouse Cheating? – 21 Ways You Can Tell, e-mail with 21 Categories Report – bz.

Having a good infidelity reference book in their personal library would help keep other politician’s wives from joining the ranks of Silda Spitzer, Dina McGreevey, Carlita Kilpatrick and other cheating politician’s wives.

For more information about infidelity, cheating spouses, and extramarital affairs, visit or

This special report describes each of the 21 major categories of infidelity signs, and tells what kind of signs to look for under each category. 

 Glorifying Prostituion and the Reality of the Sex Industry


Pimps and abusive men. To pretend otherwise is to not look at the industry for what it is.What is it? It is the selling of women’s bodies for sex. Pure and Simple!We do the girls and young women of our world a disservice when we glorify prostitution and portray the image that the life of prostitution is glamorous and filled with fame, fortune, and wealth. We do them a disservice when we suggest their worth is based on how sexually valuable they are to less than decent men. 

With all the stories of prostitution, cheating, and affairs in the news lately, I have concern for the glorification of the industry as it concerns girls and young women.The message that prostitution is glamorous and that getting money so a guy can sexually use your body, is not the most healthy message to send to our girls, our daughters, and the young women of our society.

Let’s be real for a minute and look at the real life of women in the business.

The “industry” is not glamorous; not by a long shot. The lives of most prostitutes are filled with abuse, rape, threats, STDs, substance abuse, fear, homelessness, sex slavery, degradation and humiliation.

The vast majority of women in the business hate it. They need the money but hate the work. They were often manipulated or coerced into the business. They are often homeless and desperate. They often require drugs to dull the pain and disgust of having to allow a stranger to use their bodies while performing all sorts of acts.

The “Johns” may not be decent, kind, nice, or attractive…in fact they may be dirty, smelly, and repulsive; they may like aberrant or deviant sex acts that a woman finds repulsive. The may be abusive, hurtful, and disrespectful. Doesn’t matter.

These women learn how to pretend the guy is great when behind their backs they laugh at how they can manipulate the Johns to believe they are really great guys. They are paid to pretend a guy is wonderful when in fact he may be the farthest thing from a decent man.

Let’s look at some statistics of girls and women in the business:

These women learn how to pretend the guy is great when behind their backs they laugh at how they can manipulate the Johns to believe they are really great guys. They are paid to pretend a guy is wonderful when in fact he may be the farthest thing from a decent man.

Percentage of girls/women who have been threatened with a weapon? 78%

Percentage of girls/women who have been physically assaulted? 82%

 Percentage of girls/women who have been threatened with a weapon? 78%

Percentage of girls/women who have been physically assaulted? 82%


Percentage of girls/women who have been raped five times? 78%

Percentage of girls/women who are or were homeless? 84%

Percentage of girls/women who were physically abused as a child? 49%

Percentage of girls/women who were sexually abused as a child? 65-95%

Percentage of girls/women who would like help with drug/alcohol addiction issues? Nearly 70%

Percentage of girls/women who would like to leave the business? 87%

Percentage of girls/women who wish they had a safer place to live? 78%

Percentage of girls/women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? approximately 70%

The average age of entry into the business: 14-16 years old.


Percentage of girls/women who have been raped? 82%

Prostitution is basically a woman giving up her body to a pimp who sells her to a guy to use as he wishes. It is the ultimate form of subservience and slavery. We can call it different names, pretend the women are all thrilled with their jobs, or even ignore the abuse, substance addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it doesn’t change the facts. Robert’s work speaks to the often unspoken problems of a society that has created and supported the degradation, denigration, and objectification of women. Further, he clearly demonstrates the problems of a society where masculinity is defined by its power over, and use of women.

Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, is a recently released must read book!

In his most personal and difficult book to date, Robert Jensen launches a powerful critique of mainstream pornography that promises to reignite one of the fiercest debates in contemporary feminism. At once alarming and thought-provoking, Getting Off asks tough but crucial questions about pornography, manhood, and paths toward genuine social justice.”

Robert Jensen is a journalism Professor at the University of Texas at Austin and board member of the Third Coast Activist Resource Center. He is the author of The Heart of Whiteness: Race, Racism, and White Privilege and Citizens of the Empire: The Struggle to Claim Our Humanity (both from City Lights Books); and Writing Dissent: Taking Radical Ideas from the Margins to the Mainstream (Peter Lang).

Pornography is big business, a thriving multi-billion dollar industry so powerful it drives the direction of much media technology. It also makes for complicated politics. Anti-pornography arguments are frequently dismissed as patently “anti-sex”—and ultimately “anti-feminist”—silencing at the gate a critical discussion of pornography’s relationship to violence against women and even what it means to be a “real man.”

Writing in his trademark conversational style with a rigorous analysis, Robert Jensen easily blends personal anecdotes from his years as a feminist anti-pornography activist with his scholarly research to show readers how mainstream pornography reinforces social definitions of manhood and influences men’s attitudes about women and how they treat them. 

Author, Professor Robert Jensen is an outstanding researcher, journalist, and human being. He falls into the category of a truly great man. Robert and I have conversed regarding his work and I honor him for his courage and strength to speak out on a topic that is largely ignored, as it slowly permeates our society with unhealthiness.

The adults of our society need to look hard and long at what we are promoting in the media, what messages we send the girls and young women of our world. Shame on all those organizations who promote and glorify the idea of prostitution to our girls and young people! And, Kudos to those organizations who are responsibly reporting the reality of the business, demonstrating the real horror and degradation of the industry.

Update (March 2010):

And the scandals did not stop. After this post  in 2008 we had Governor Sanford, John Edwards, Tiger Woods and now Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband. These guys just don’t learn with the others’ mistakes. How can they really believe the woman they have an affair with will keep their mouth shut? I guess in the throes of passion they forget everyone who will be hurt with the consequences of the affair. Click here to see more celebrity couples where the man cheated:


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Hillary was the best candidate

As in any race, losing by such a small margin makes it more difficult to accept defeat. I have often been disappointed by American voters. The large number of conservative, religious, uncultured and unworldly Americans make it difficult to vote in a candidate who is at the same time progressive and competent. Side issues usually take precedence (like gay marriage 4 years ago) and destroy the best candidates’ chances. Hillary was in my humble opinion the best prepared and competent candidate. See how she does not hesitate when she speaks; her high intelligence is obvious, her knowledge about every issue thrown at her evident. She also has other characteristics that could make her one of the greatest presidents this country ever had: emotional intelligence. Strong character. Strong will. Persistence. Resilience. Yes, McCain also demonstrated that during the torture he was submitted to, but most human beings, when faced with pshysical torture, fight to survive. It is a natural amima; instinct. Obama obviously has strentgh as a man who did not come from a wealthy family and made his way to the top. But Hillary has that special strength and savviness that comes from a woman who is able to smile when the going  gets tough and at the same time be nurturing. Like Mamie Roosevelt, who could have been a great president herself, Hillary is as wel rounded as they come. Having an experienced veteran of of the White House as her closest advisor would not have hurt. Therefore, I am once more disappointed with the way Americans vote. I will vote for Obama if he finally gets the nomination because I am more tuned to the democratic party phylosophy, but I am not voting with 100% conviction. I too, was bothered by his association with a radical minister. Maybe he was using that church as a social club to feel accepted, but still. Soon, I am slapping a Obama sticker in my car. I am forced to. Anyhow, who knows, he may be able to make some of the changes he is promising (I have yet to understand what are they…). He does talk about an universal health system, and I wish him luck on that one, since something needs to be done in this arena.

It is time for Democrats to win. I hope some of the damage of the last 8 years can be undone. I hope we can create new solutions for the oil crisis. Invest in alternative fuels. I hope we can create some form of universal health care for the disadvantaged. I hope we can take care of the illegal immigrants that are already here and working their butts off. I hope we will be able to create more jobs and fortify our industrial park and make our products more competitive internationally.  I hope we can attract good people to be teachers. I hope we can only invade countries to help them when they are calling for help-or when there is a natural disaster. i hope our Intelligence works well to prevent and fight potential terrorists.

Hillary, you won’t be too old in 4 years honey. Your time may still come. And mark my words: the 2028 candidate may well be……….Chelsea Clinton!

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