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How I became an activist atheist


I call myself an activist atheist not because I take part in street protests or carry banners (well, I used to have a “In Reason we Trust” bumper sticker on my car…)

But I do talk about it whenever the subject of religion comes up, and I do frequent some atheist meetings, conventions and parties. I am out of the closet and I openly tell people I am atheist. I don’t go saying it out of the blue, but within context and if I am asked about my religion. And I don’t care what people will think of that. If they are ignorant enough to judge me because of that, or think I am evil encarnate, than I don’t really think I want to be associated with such a small minded and unintelligent person.  If people don’t understand what being an atheist means then they are probably not very well read…..

For many many years I was skeptical and questioning many things I was told about heaven, hell, angels,etc. My logical mind could not fathom such stories. You could call me skeptical. Later, I  called myself agnostic because it sounded better than atheist,  more than a passive atheist. I did not believe in god nor did I like the rituals of the Catholic church;  I just didn’t care. I had never stopped to think about it.

I can say that it was 9/11 that prompted me to be more outspoken about this. If you have watched United 93, you will remember the scene where the attacker was trying to fly the plane and talking to “god”. Things like that make my blood boil. Because of the belief in a fantastic creature people can do things like that. How can my god be better than your god if there it is supposed to be one god? And who is right? Christians, Catholics, Muslims or Jews? Whose god is better? What if there is NO god?

Some time ago there was the case of the Westboro Baptist church that protested at a soldier’s funeral. That clearly shows the dangers of religious extremists. It is stuff like that that make me want to educate children and society that even though some of the religious stories are very nice, they are folklore. And when you want everyone believing in your fantasy (and if they don’t agree with you, you will murder them) then atheists need to speak up. 

Atheism is not a religion folks, as some theists have accused it of being. We are non religious. We don’t mind you going to church and praying to your statues but we don’t want you to teach our children creationism, we don’t want them scared of devils or a wrathful and revengeful god, we don’t want your fairy tales influencing government decisions and we don’t want the intolerance (such as the prejudice against gays} that some churches spread.

We are for freedom of religion. Believe in what you want. If going to church provides you with some entertainment, some sort of social life and purpose, some sense of hope for your difficult life and some sense of belonging all is fine and dandy. You can worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Dawkins :)) if that makes you happy. Again, keep it out of government and schools.Atheism_symbol_svg


November 2, 2007 - Posted by | Atheism


  1. Agree 100%. I never talk about it though. When I was a teenager I used to but got tired of being challenged. Now, I just say ‘I’m not religious’ and leave it at that.

    Comment by heather (NJ) | June 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I don’t have enough “faith” to be an atheist. If you really are intelligent and wish to follow scientific reasons that challenge your faith as an atheist, go to the web site Only if you are really curious and intelligent can you learn what this site has to offer.

    Comment by Gene | March 1, 2011 | Reply

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