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I hate SUVs


A lot of people hate them: tree huggers, environmentalists, me. I hate them for a simple reason: they don’t belong in the city, they belong on the road.  They block my view, they hog parking spots, they go too slow.  And if you look inside, you usually see ONE person on that big car. They are not transporting any cargo, they don’t have 3 people sitting on the back, it’s just one person driving a big vehicle: what’s the point?

When I see a SUV, I think conservative. Conservative politics, religion, habits.  Any idea how much I hate being sandwiched between these monsters on the beltway?

Yes, they are wonderful vehicles for the road. Very confortable indeed. But please leave your truck at home when you make a run to the local grocery store to buy milk. Any sedan is also a good vehicle to transport kids and it has a smaller chance of rollover. And if you never drive anyone else, a 2 seater or a small 4 seater is appropriate enough.

 But again, some people feel safer in them, more protected. Soon we will be driving tanks?


November 1, 2007 - Posted by | Difference between cultures

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  1. I drive a tank right now.

    Always hated SUVs though.

    64 Buick Wildcat… “for the win”.

    It’s going to get me about 9-10mpg, but I can live with that. My BMW 540i was getting 11-18.

    Comment by Pete | September 21, 2008 | Reply

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