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Uniforms for children


Although my youngest daughter is a senior and about to go to College, I have always defended uniforms for school children. Unfortunately here in America people think it is not democratic to do so..that it stiffles kids’ individuality…

Having lived in Brazil and having had kids in school in Brazil, I think the advantages outweigh the negatives. I know there are books and studies on this issue that show that uniforms do not alter or improve attendance and behavior at school, so I am just speaking as a mother who tries to be practical and as someone who had kids going to schools which adopted uniforms and schools which did not:

Here are my considerations:

1) No showing off with the latest fashions-something that schoolgirls seem to want to do every Monday at school-that is why girls’ spend their weekends at malls!

2) Obvious economy for parents;

3) Less separation of kids by cliques based on how you dress;

4) Easier to get dressed in the morning.

Uniforms in Brazil are very very practical. Pants for both sexes. Stretchy fabric, track style.

T-shirts with the school logo. Track style hoodie matching the pants. Shorts in the same colors for summer. No short plaid mini skirt like private schools here-those uniforms make all girls look like the typical male fantasy!

So there you go Moms and Dads who think like me: uniforms for public schools in America movement!! (UPSA) πŸ™‚


October 1, 2007 - Posted by | Being a mother

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