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Wow! More on Atheist Alliance Convention 2007


So there I was last night, at the Atheist Convention, sponsored by the Atheist Alliance. I took pictures and talked to Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennet, Julia Sweeney, Tom Wolfe and the great great grandson of Charles Darwin (Matthew Chapman). I just did not see Sam Harris, but he was probably around. What an amazing evening! Everyone looked elegant and Margaret Downey, the organizer and her husband were gracious hosts. Dawkins is really humble, Hitchens is shy one on one. Darwin’s descendant is a bit on the womanizing side….he asked me what had my mother fed me to be so tall, which I responded (very appropriately I must say): “it’s evolution baby!” 🙂

The rational response squad team was there and they were filming videos for the Blashemy challenge. I made one saying “I deny the holy spirit” and so did husband (kind of reluctantly, please honey!!).

I actually have fun with friends sometimes saying I challenge “god” to kill me right there and then with lightning. Funny how they kind of recoil in fear, even the ones who are not so much believers anyway…ha ha.

I made a comment to a friend of mine that last night I was at the convention and she told me I am brainwashed and crazy….hardly she knows that is what we think of religious people!! 

Some pics are fuzzy because the iPhone camera is not great. But you can see me with Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Matthew Chapman, the great great grandson (:)) of Charles Darwin (left-he is a screenwriter). 


For more on the atheist alliance convention go this guy’s blog:

Also check out the convention sponsor website:


September 28, 2007 - Posted by | Atheism

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  1. So many people are turning atheist nowadays. I think after you go to school you stop believing in legends and miracles no one can prove.

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