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More on things I don’t like about life in the US

Yes, I want to add one more pet peeve about stuff I do not like much in America. I know, I know, the list is long, but then again some are smaller stuff while if you look at the list of things I do like, they have a lot more impact. And again, no one is perfect and certainly nowhere is perfect 🙂

Customer service. All through the 70’s marketing specialists have been training American corporations about the perfect service customer.  How to please customers, how to captivate customers, how the customer is always right and how to create customer loyalty. Problem is, they also taught the whole service industry how to annoy customers. Have you tried to have one intimate conversation in any restarant that is not a top A level restaurant in America? You are interrrupted every goddamn 10 minutes.  You actually wait a lot to be served, but then they don’t stop harrassing you! They come and introduce themselves (as if you care what their name is) and ask you how you are doing today, as if THEY care!! They bring the food and then 2 minutes later ask: “How do you like the food”? “Well, I haven’t even tried it yet”!

Then every 10 minutes or so they come with their fake smiley faces and ask: “Is everything all right?”If something wasn’t all right we would be calling you, wouldn’t we dickhead? How many times I have been engrossed in a very interesting conversation just to have some teenager pop in and yell “is everything ok”-and then we lose the momentum?

Learn with the French (aha, with the Brazilian waiters-professional waiters that is, not kids trying to make an extra buck): come to the table, write down the order, don’t get chummy, be polite but not fakily nice, don’t recite a million specials, bring the food without a word, wait in the fringes to see if you are called for anything and wait for the check sign-bring the check and say thank you. That’s it!! We go out not to get to know waiters and waitresses unless we are very very lonely!


September 26, 2007 - Posted by | Difference between cultures

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