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Atheist Convention in Crystal City

Me and my atheist second husband

 This is me and hubby. We share (thank god! :)) the atheist point of view.

Crystal Clear Atheism, this is how it is being called, a play with the city hosting this important convention sponsored by the Atheist Alliance. I am pleased to be there tomorrow night, for the opening cocktail. I may also serve as a volunteer on Friday and Saturday nights. The venue is the Crowne Plaza in Arlington (Crystal City, near the Pentagon), VA.

Dawkins will be there, Sam Harris will be there, Christopher Hitchens will be there, Darwin’s great great grandson will be there. I perosnally know Lori Lipman and Rick Wingrove, two of the speakers and really great people.

It was nice to find out from a poll I saw on AOL that Sweden is 80% atheist. Talk about a logical country! I also think the 9% of atheists they claim America has is  growing with the New Atheism movement, and also that there is a large number of people who call themselves religious because it is “normal” and “nice” to do so but who never step on a church or pray or give a shit.

I will be happy when the US (and my beloved Brazil) become majorly secular, and religious folks relegated to being some excentric types. Who knows, it may happen in my lifetime.


September 26, 2007 - Posted by | Atheism

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  1. Atheism is in. Me I have always doubted God or even gods.

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